Karakol tips

Stunning nature, diverse ethnicities, savory cuisine

In Karakol

Within a 15 minutes walking distance from KbH, you can see:

  • Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox church
  • Dungan Mosque
  • Old Russian houses
  • The main bazaar (local food at low price)
  • Pushkin park
  • Victory park

Do not hesitate to ask our staff about the local attractions!

Find out Karakol’s main sites maps by following this link or map of Karakol Historical buildings on this link

Around Karakol

One Day Hikes:

  • Loop from Karakol to the ski resort
  • Fairytale canyon Skazka – 1h 30 min. by marshrutka from Karakol​​
  • Jyrgalan valley (1,5h away by marshrutka)​


  • Ala-Kul lake – 3 days
  • Jyrgalan valley
  • Altyn Arachan

For detailed information about all hikes and treks (transportation, maps, duration, altitude, gear) please visit the official website of Destination Karakol !