Here's how you can get to us:

From Bishkek

  • From Bishkek’s Western Bus Station, take a minibus (called “marshrutka”) or a night bus to Karakol (price: 350 som, duration: 5-6h)
  • The marshrutka/bus will drop you at the main bus station of Karakol
  • From the main bus station, there are several options how to get to KbH:
    • by walking (about 2.7 km)
    • by taxi (70 som)
    • by marshrutka #111 or #109 till the center of the town (10 som) and then walk about 10 min – see on map

From the South shore of Issyk Kul (Bokonbayevo, Tosor, Tamga)

  • Take a marshrutka to Karakol
  • The marshrutka will drop you at the Southern Bus Station of Karakol, located at the intersection of Toktogul and Torgoev streets
  • From there you can either walk (1 km) to KbH or take a city taxi (70 som)